OPAIC Moderation

    Quality check of materials
    Pre-moderation of scheduled Block y assessments
    Internal Post-moderation of Block y assessments as required
    External Post-moderation of scheduled block y assessments
    Internal post-moderation as required
When What Who
Before the Teaching Block y
Quality check of Materials
  • Check consistence and accuracy of materials, such as Lectures’ names, dates, times, assessment submission details etc. Pre-Teaching Checklist.
  • Lecturers
  • Monitored by Academic Operations
Pre-moderation of Assessments
  • Academic Operations Team to send relevant assessment feedback to the lecturer in advance of pre-moderation
  • All pieces of assessments included in courses identified in the moderation plan pre-moderated as per OPAIC moderation documentation and stored in Moderation repository.
  • New or redeveloped assessments to be allocated by Assessment Committee for pre-moderation
  • Academic Operations Team
  • Lecturers as requested
  • Assessment Committee
During the Teaching Block y – before results are returned to students
Internal Post-moderation of Assessments
  • Internal post-moderation of submitted assessments for courses with two or more lecturers
  • Other internal post-moderation as required i.e. Borderline decisions, student appeals, HOD or assessment committee advice
  • Moderation Forms completed and sent to Academic Operations team
  • Lecturers supported by Academic Operations team and Assessment Committee
After the Teaching Block y
External Post-moderation of Assessments
  • Anonymised scheduled samples of assessed work sent to Academic Operations for distribution to external moderators.
  • Samples and feedback stored in Moderation repository.
  • Improvement action plans/improved assessments developed as required.
  • Internal post moderation required (Special assessments, remark and resubmission) 
  • Oversight of responding to moderators’ feedback
  • Lecturers supported by Academic Operations team
  • Lecturers with oversight from assessment committee
  • Academic Operations team with oversight from Assessment Committee